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Life is short…




Make memories, Share them with others, Go explore…Repeat!

Life is short…




Make memories, Share them with others, Go explore…Repeat!

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Olander Coach

We believe that memories help to make us who we are and that sharing them with others builds stronger families, friendships, and communities. Just like a great team of horses, it takes a great team of people all “pulling into the harness” to deliver great experiences. 

The Olander Experience

What makes us different

Clean IS clean

We don’t hide stains behind psychedelic seat patterns! We take pride in offering the cleanest seating and interiors you’ll ever experience on a bus.

Coachmen, not drivers

As a Coachman’s elegant title suggests, they are more that the person behind the wheel. An Olander Coachman is there to serve you. They will carry the luggage, get the door, or take you on a scenic route if you want to see the sights!

Rockstar Safety

We transport the most precious of cargo. Children! All of our coachmen have impeccable safety records driving school bus and are the “cream of the crop” coachmen. Experience service excellence!

Family Values

Our buses aren’t the only thing we keep clean! The experiences that we seek to provide are appropriate for the entire family!

Community Minded

We support our community by making donations to local families, churches, and community organizations. We also honor our veterans and proudly display “Old Glory” at our office and on all of our vehicles.

Service by Design

We can assist in any and all aspects of your special event needs! Water service, best tour locations en route, planning a corporate event or quilting tour – our proposals for service go beyond being just another bus company

Featured Services

Service that goes beyond being just another bus company

Olander Coach Charters

Want something bigger than a sardine can? FACT: Road trips are way more fun with everyone together and without the stress of coordinating, parking, and wear and tear on your own vehicles. Whether it is for church groups, sporting events, tour groups, corporate events, day trips, airport shuttles, or other special events, make sure that your experience is memorable in the right way and let us DRIVE MEMORIES!

Olander Coach Tours

Keep an eye on our website for our latest tours and trips. Come with us to enjoy concerts, plays, shopping trips, sporting events, and fun new locations to explore! Also look for trips on our coaches offered through the DLCCC Engage program!


Olander Bus Service

We specialize in bus service and repair because we care for our own fleet! We have the technology to inspect, diagnose, and repair most makes and models of vans, buses and RVs! Let us take the pain out of keeping your assets in top condition with a preventative maintenance plan for your fleet vehicles! We also have a state of the art bus wash station, cleaning, and detail services available that keep you looking great for the important clients you serve!